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You are not just and image


(A Psalm of Antoaneta)


You are not just an image

I can paint on canvas

so all who see You may believe,

You are not just a god

I can carry in my hands and take You places,

so I can bow before Your feet to worship You my King,

You are not just a man who can lie

when You make a promise,

so I may just forsake You

when the words You spoke

did not come to pass.


There is no men

who has seen You in the vision

and who has walked away from You,

the only everlasting Love and Life.


I know You for my self,

and the way I know You

words are too poor to describe,

I Love You with my soul

and the Love I feel for You is everlasting,

You came in me to make me Yours

so I may sing the songs

You place within my heart,

the songs I sing to nations

who are walking in the darkness,

the nations which will perish

lest they repent and believe

the words You speak through me.


In You I know no darkness,

in You I know not fear that consumes,

in You death is never to be found,

because You are Life,

the Life I live is You,

the Christ who came in me!

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