Garden of Grace

Still Waiting on My Beloved!

The Threshing Floor, “The Holy Of Holies”


The Threshing Floor, “The Holy Of Holies”

I know we are all praying. I just want God to move us to the next level of Intercession, "The Holy Place" where we know without a shadow of a doubt that we are shaking heaven. Each morning, noon and or night, whatever time you pray, make sure you have all the weight and sin that so easily beset you off of you in order to go into the holy place. God can not and will not let you enter in unless you have sin on you; purify yourselves daily before you enter into the Holy of Holies. When we enter in, we believe God for the supernatural to happen in our lives through intercession. Not just for us, but for the people who we are praying for. I want God to give you all a diving hunger, like He has given to me. I also want us to step in to stronger intimacy, “His Divine Presence.” If you are struggling with sin, ask God to help you because in order to get to the next level of intimacy and His presence you got to get it together, get your mind right, and get ready to get in the supernatural flow of His intimacy and presence.

Pray with me…..

Father God in the name of Jesus,

I ask you to give us a divine hunger for You and Your presence. Anoint us daily with your fresh oil. Help us with our sin(s), and help us to stay saved so we can always enter into Your presence with expectancy. Continue to allow us to embrace your presence with intimacy. Fill our hearts, minds, souls and spirit with the fragrance of worship when we enter in. Lord we need a move from you. We need Your divine presence, and we need to always flow in Your anointing. Let us walk in the overflow of your anointing so if anyone wants a touch from You we will be able to birth them out in Your name. Continue to Let Your presence dwell in us so if anyone wants Your divine presence we too can birth them out in Your name. Lord we are ready to go to the next level, not in the outer court, but into the Holy of Holies every day of our lives Lord God. Lord, get us ready, prepare us, shape us, mold us into your will. Let our light be a light of Your glory, and give us the faith we need to enter into the Holy of Holies in Jesus name….



In Your Presence




In your presence Lord I am at peace.
The peace you promised me
In your presence Lord I am forgiving.
It is the gift you give to me and another when I forgive
In your presence Lord I love.
It is the completeness of your love that gives me life, and the courage to love others
In your presence Lord I am free.
Your strength frees me from worry and doubt
Lord give me the wisdom, the courage, 
the humility, and the willingness 
to keep you present in my life, 
so that my life may be one 
that is of service to you. 
When I serve you Lord,